5 Inspirational Korean Skincare Blogs to Follow for Tips, Advice and Insights

Korean skincare blog

If you are new to K-beauty, a.k.a. Korean skincare, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of steps and products, terminology and even where to buy Korean skincare items. Luckily, with the explosion in popularity of Korean beauty products, many bloggers have taken it upon themselves to not only test, analyse and debate the topic, but also to educate us. Here are some blogs we recommend for you to browse:


Tracy of Fanserviced-B describes her blog, “Fanserviced-b started in 2014 and offers no-B.S. K-beauty (and other!) product reviews, skincare routines and shopping resources. The blog is independent, meaning that it’s not created by a shop or brand to market products. I don’t accept money to write posts or influence my reviews and I always tell you how the blog makes money and receives products with disclosure buttons at the top of my posts.”

Fifty Shades of Snail

Fifty Shades of Snail’s Jude has this to say, “I started this blog because I love good skincare, and I love good skincare because it can do so much more than just improve the appearance of skin.”

Snow White and The Asian Pear

From the Snow White and The Asian Pear About page, “I started this blog to chronicle my adventures with Asian skincare.”

Peach and Lily

About Peach and Lily’s Alicia, “My love of skincare comes from a personal place. I struggled with eczema growing up, and by high school, had resigned myself to the idea that I’d always be stuck with itchy, rashy, dry skin… Through a mix of know-how and dedication, I finally learned to manage my problematic skin and achieve the radiant glow I thought was just a pipe dream.”

Jeong Land

Obviously the most highly recommended Korean skincare blog is Jeong Land’s very own.

Be Natural, Be Beautiful, BE YOU!

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