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Korean skincare differs from Western regimes in that it places so much emphasis on creating a perfect canvas before even beginning to contemplate makeup. Standing for Real Elemental Practice, RE:P is specially formulated for sensitive skins – skins which are often unable to bear makeup, adding to the appeal of the K-beauty philosophy of “skin first”. Because many of their products combine multiple skin care steps in a single product, RE:P is especially suited to those who are overwhelmed by all the steps involved in a Korean skincare routine. To top it off, RE:P uses high-quality, cruelty-free natural ingredients and...

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With K-beauty gaining popularity, you may be curious about which brands to buy. Some of the best Korean skincare brands 2019 include Benton, COSRX, Etude House, Neogen, and RE:P – all of which are available online at Jeong Land. Benton Snail slime might not be what you would expect a brand to be famous for! But, Benton’s Snail Bee line has reached Holy Grail status. This brand is dedicated to using only fresh, natural ingredients in small batches to restore skin to its original, healthy condition. COSRX Famous for their understanding of acne-prone or reactive skin, COSRX's philosophy is “Beauty...

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