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These Are the Best Korean Skincare Brands of 2019

With K-beauty gaining popularity, you may be curious about which brands to buy. Some of the best Korean skincare brands 2019 include Benton, COSRX, Etude House, Neogen, and RE:P – all of which are available online at Jeong Land.


Snail slime might not be what you would expect a brand to be famous for! But, Benton’s Snail Bee line has reached Holy Grail status. This brand is dedicated to using only fresh, natural ingredients in small batches to restore skin to its original, healthy condition.


Famous for their understanding of acne-prone or reactive skin, COSRX's philosophy is “Beauty in Simplicity”. Their products are ingredient-focused, using the most innovative research and development. They have an almost cult-like following, as shared in Teen Vogue, Allure and Cosmopolitan magazines.

Etude House

Founded at the end of 1985, Etude House has stood the test of time as a melodious blend of make-up and natural beauty. Etude House’s products have won numerous awards, including CECI Magazine’s K-Beauty Award, Korea’s First Brand Grand prize and a triple crown at I-Award Korea.


Living up to their tag line, “Modern, Sophisticated and Progressive. Your Beauty Innovator”, means using cutting edge dermaceutical research (which is also cruelty-free) to develop product lines carefully developed for distinct skin concerns. Neogen offers products that allows you to customize your skincare regimen according to your unique needs.


Sensitive to their core, RE:P may offer cutting edge skin care, but their line is gentle on sensitive skins. RE:P also uses only high-quality, cruelty-free natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

Be Natural, Be Beautiful, BE YOU!

No matter where in your journey with Korean beauty you are, Jeong Land is your next destination. We have selected the best Korean skincare brands especially for you. For more information contact us today.