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What is the Korean Skincare Routine All About?

The beauty community is infatuated with Korean beauty. But what makes Korean skincare products different from the cosmetics we get in stores around the globe? Simply put, Korean skincare involves progressive technology binding with ancient traditions. Instead of focusing on hiding flaws, the Korean skincare routine aims for your skin to glow from the inside out. “Skin first. Make-up second.”

The Best Cosmetic is Great Skin

The primary focus of K-beauty is caring for your skin to maintain a healthy radiance. In order to have luminescent, healthy skin for a lifetime (rather than looking good only in the moment), Korean skincare brands work to be constantly ahead of the curve when it comes to research, development, and innovation.

Korean companies shun a one-size-fits-all approach, creating instead a diverse range of customisable skincare products, which are ingredient-focused and inspired by nature. Targeted formulations are layered to ensure a flawless canvas, which, although it does not need to hide anything, wears make-up beautifully.

Ten Steps to Korean Skin

The Korean skincare routine has additional steps to and products for the traditional Western routine, which consists of “Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize.” Some of the additional products include:

  • Essence is gently tapped from the bottom up into your skin to nourish it and accelerate cell renewal.
  • Serum is chosen - according to your needs and skin problems - for the extra-moisture boost it gives.
  • Ampoules contain a high number of active ingredients to target specific skin care concerns.
  • The cloth mask (or sheet mask) is impregnated with care ingredients and used at least twice a week.
  • Eye cream is essential as the thin skin around the eyes develop the very first wrinkles.
  • Emulsion is a lightweight moisturizer with a milky texture used to treat skin problems.

Be Natural, Be Beautiful, BE YOU!

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