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Acwell: The Hanbang Brand

Acwell was launched in 2009 by BNH cosmetics. Before it was launched in the US, Acwell was prominently featured in multi-branded shops in Korea. It was considered a gem by many due to the fusion of modern formula technologies with traditional Korean medicinal ingredients. The selling point is not because it is a hanbang brand. Rather, it is how the ingredients are blended together in the formula and how the technology enhances the effectiveness of Acwell products.

Acwell Licorice Toner

This is a product that was an instant hit in the US! So much so, that it sold out after its debut and had a waiting list of 2 000 clients. Everyone was obsessed with how it cleansed, hydrated and toned the skin. It contains 10% licorice water – a natural ingredient that is said to brighten the skin complexion.

Acwell Bubble Free pH Balancing Cleanser

The Acwell Bubble Free pH Balancing Cleanser is advertised as a gentle cleanser that is suitable for varying skin types, and it is tough on makeup. It is formulated from ingredients such as Licorice roots extract, salicylic acid, witch hazel, Centella and aloe. It can be used either as a first cleaner or a second cleaner. The Acwell Bubble is very effective when used as a first cleaner as it takes off all the makeup and sunscreen. Even when used as the second cleanser, this Acwell cleanser does a thorough job. However, it is reported to be harsh on some skin types.

This could be the cleanser you have been looking for and it should work well on your skin unless it is too sensitive or too dry. Contact us for more information on Acwell.