Pore Strips

Struggling to get rid of pesky, unsightly blackheads? It may be time to invest in a new set of pore strips! While some people may recommend DIY pore strips, this is a risky business and can lead to painful damage to the skin, rather than a smoother complexion. Rather, treat yourself to some of the best pore strips on the market and ensure a pleasing a result!

Do Pore Strips Work?

If you buy the right nose pore strips and carefully follow the product’s instructions, then yes – they most certainly do. How pore strips work is by adhering strongly to the skin, while the ingredients in the pore strips naturally draw out dirt and impurities. When you remove them, the adhesive pulls all of this, along with blackheads, off of the skin. The end result is a smooth, radiant, blackhead-free complexion. 

Are Pore Strips Bad?

Over the years, pore strips have garnered a negative reputation. This is only because many beauty brands started manufacturing cheap, ineffective products that did more harm than good. The truth is that when you buy the best pore strips available on the market, they can truly work wonders for your skin. 

Choosing the Best Pore Strips

So, which are the pore strips that you can actually trust to get the job done? Here at Jeong Land, we have singled out only the finest quality nose pore strips that you can count on for gentle, reliable skin care and easy blackhead removal.

A firm favourite amongst our shoppers is the MISSHA Speedy Solution Pore Cleaning Patch Set. These pore strips are created to purify the pores by getting rid of excess sebum, impurities and dirt. Use them after cleansing the face and just before toning for best results. Remember to remove the pore strip slowly and carefully – never rip it off like a plaster – and do not leave it on for longer than 20 minutes. 

Do you have any queries about our pore strips? Our team is here to answer. Contact us today!